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Simple and great tasting pantry solutions that are easy to use, taste great and put a sizeable profit back into your pocket.

The Mixing Spoon Fundraising

The Mixing Spoon products are created from fresh, wholesome ingredients, prepared the traditional way.  In addition to that, these products are dry mixes without the need for refrigeration.

Meals Made Simple by The Mixing Spoon


Food brings people together.

The Mixing Spoon Mixes can be meant for a single individual - a grocery item for your pantry - but they can also be shared with friends or family members.

  • Send one or two to your office employees

  • Place them into a silent auction

  • Great pantry items for seniors or college kids

Plenty of tasty mixes for everyone.

If you have enjoyed The Mixing Spoon Mixes, we've made it simple for you to place an order without finding a fundraiser.


Let's Get Fundraising

It is easy to get started with The Mixing Spoon fundraising program.  Message us to learn how easy it is to fundraise with The Mixing Spoon.