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Simple and great tasting pantry solutions that are easy to use, taste great and put a sizeable profit back into your pocket.

The Mixing Spoon Fundraising

The Mixing Spoon products are created from fresh, wholesome ingredients, prepared the traditional way.  In addition to that, these products are dry mixes without the need for refrigeration.

Meals Made Simple by The Mixing Spoon


Food brings people together.

The Mixing Spoon Mixes can be meant for a single individual - a grocery item for your pantry - but they can also be shared with friends or family members.

  • Send one or two to your office employees

  • Place them into a silent auction

  • Great pantry items for seniors or college kids

Plenty of tasty mixes for everyone.

If you have enjoyed The Mixing Spoon Mixes, we've made it simple for you to place an order without finding a fundraiser.


Let's Get Fundraising

It is easy to get started with The Mixing Spoon fundraising program.  Message us to learn how easy it is to fundraise with The Mixing Spoon.

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Blueberry Muffins


Let's Get Started

It is easy to get started with The Mixing Spoon fundraising program.   Start right here to learn how easy it is to fundraise with The Mixing Spoon.

Our Story

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More than 15 years ago, a handful of women began creating jar mixes as a way for their children to raise funds for a school trip to France.  They soon realized that they were not alone in their search for simple, useful ideas for fundraising without feeling guilty about peddaling them to family and friends.  When the neighbours started asking where these great little mixes were available to purchase once the fundraiser was over, she realized that a dream of helping other groups with their ideas could become a reality and so, The Mixing Spoon was born.


Stacey Doney Owner The Mixing Spoon

Like many women making that life change from motherhood and career to retirement, Stacey Doney desired a project that made sense for her and her family.


The Doney's were no strangers to The Mixing Spoon products. Doney's daughter Ella’s competition dance team used the fundraiser for several years.   As a middle school turned high school science teacher, Stacey found the products delicious and easy to keep on hand during the busy competition season.  


When Stacey retired from teaching, it didn’t take long for her entrepreneurial instincts to kick in and when The Mixing Spoon business opportunity knocked -- Stacey answered.  She and her handy husband, Brett automated the packaging and distribution process and are steadily creating systems for The Mixing Spoon to run more efficiently.  Now working on a more environmentally friendly package and a new brand identity, Stacey has really breathed new life into this already established business.


With Opportunity Comes Responsibility.

 The Mixing Spoon has not only provided an entrepreneurial outlet for Stacey but work placement for her neurodivergent son, Jack.  While contributing to the family business, Jack is able to learn important life skills, participate in meaningful employment and perform real work for real pay. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the recipes?
    Recipe, ingredients and nutritional facts are all on the back of each pouch. You may also find the recipe and nutritional facts listed on the website here.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    We do not have a minimum order, except with regards to free shipping. There is no stock to carry or risk for your organization. You order only what you sell.
  • How do we submit our order?
    The best bet is to email your order to us. That way we can be preparing your order while we are waiting for your cheque to arrive by mail. Payment must be received prior to delivery.
  • How is the order organized?
    Orders are packaged by product type in boxes of 20 pouches. In the event of part cases there may be more than one kind in a box, but they are clearly marked. It is delivered / shipped to your preferred location.
  • How long does it take to receive the order?
    Typically we can deliver your order within 1 to 4 weeks, depending on its size and the time of year. When you place your order we will contact you to determine a delivery date.
  • Are there "Best Before" dates?
    All the mixes have best before not expiry dates to ensure that they are enjoyed at their optimum freshness.
  • What about case lots?
    We do not require you to order full case lots. We will package to suit your order.
  • Can we pre-order product stock and then sell it?  Rather than selling it from the Order Forms?
    Yes, but we don't encourage it. We are not able to take back any product that you can't sell and we know from experience that it is difficult to predict what people are going to want. If you decide you want to go this route, contact us prior to ordering and we can make recommendations based on which products sell better than others. We can only make suggestions, however. The final decision ultimately rests with you.
  • Why are your products packaged in different packaging?
    Just as the pandemic has affected our supply chain sourcing for raw ingredients, the same impact has affected our packaging - plastic jars and lids used for our products. This is the case for major brands throughout Canada & North America. To continue to supply great products to our consumers and keep the cost down we have decided to provide our products in different packaging (plastic pouch's filled with the same quality ingredients) to get your order out the door.
  • Are there gluten-free options?
    No, not at this time.
  • Do the mixes contain nuts?
    No. None of The Mixing Spoon products contain nuts as an ingredient however we cannot guarantee that the facilities where the ingredients are purchased are completely nut free.
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