The Mixing Spoon is an Alberta based fundraising company providing brownie, soup, chili, cookie and scone mixes for schools, sports organizations and other community groups to sell.


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Take the guilt out of fundraising by providing your friends and family with a product they can really use and at a price they can afford. 

Call now to book your fundraiser or for more information.  

403-773-3777  info@themixingspoon.ca




The Mixing Spoon is open for your fundraising needs 12 months of the year.  Give a call to arrange a date for your group.  

New! New! New!

The Mixing Spoon is now able to work with groups out of British Columbia and Saskatchewan!

New order forms have been made up to work in these areas. Please contact me for further information. As well if you are a small group in Alberta I can offer you the same option.

Call now to book your fundraiser or for more information.  

403-773-3777  info@themixingspoon.ca 

New Recipes

New for the Fall 2013 season!

Lemon Poppy Seed Scone Mix - Loaded with lemon flavour!

Raspberry Burst Scone Mix - Little bursts of raspberry flavour are divine!

Pasta Salad Mix - As a side dish or a main course this salad has excellent flavour!

Our taste testers have scored these three recipes very high!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose The Mixing Spoon

  1. The profit is great! 40% profit for your group. 
  2. No frozen foods to try to store. 
  3. Sell the mixes before you order them from us, so your money isn't tied up with inventory. 
  4. 15 tasty recipes to choose from, all priced the same to make it easy for your participants. 
  5. A product your customers will actually be able to use at a price they can afford. 

Purchasing Our Products

Wanting to purchase products from The Mixing Spoon?  Our product is primarily sold through our fundraising groups.  If we have a fundraiser working in your area we would of course prefer you contact them and help them with their efforts.  If there is no group working in your area we are more than happy to ship directly to you.  Please check out the Purchase Our Products page for more information.

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       403-505-2931 (cell)

        403-773-3777 (shop)



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        Box 767, Elnora, Alberta, T0M 0Y0
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