Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the rest of the recipe?

On the jar lid under the fabric. You can also find the recipe listed on our website for all our currently available products.

Are there minimums?

We do not have a minimum order, except in regard to free shipping. There is no risk to your organization. You order only what you sell.

What about case lots?

We do not require you to order full case lots. We will package to suit your order.

How does it arrive?

Orders are packaged by product type in boxes of 18 jars. In the event of part cases there may be more than one kind in a box, but they are clearly marked. It is delivered to your preferred location by one of our employees.

How long does it take to receive our order?

Typically we can deliver your order within 1 to 4 weeks, depending on it's size and the time of year. When you place your order we will contact you to determine a delivery date.

How do we place the order?

The best bet is to fax or email your order to us. That way we can be preparing your order while we are waiting for your cheque to arrive by mail. Payment must be received prior to delivery.

Are there Best Before Dates on the product?

Some of our products come with a Best Before Date which will be well beyond your delivery date. This is simply to ensure that they are used while they are at optimum freshness.

Can I pre-order the product and then sell it rather than selling from the order forms?

Yes, but we don't encourage it. We are not able to take back any product that you can't sell and we know from experience that it is difficult to predict what people are going to want. If you decide you want to go this route, contact us prior to ordering and we can make recommendations based on which products sell better than others. We can only make suggestions, however. The final decision ultimately rests with you.

Do you have gluten free products

Unfortunately we do not do gluten free. At this time my facility is way to small to guarantee no gluten in products.

Are your products nut free?

There isn't any nuts in any of the mixes, but I'm unable to claim nut free as some of my suppliers do not claim to be nut free. How it reads is there is nuts in their facilities and production areas are cleaned, but there could still be traces.