About Us

This is where it all started. Deb Jackson was part of a group of parents that started making jar mixes as a way for their children to fundraise for a school trip to France. She soon saw that they weren't the only parents looking for a simple fundraising idea that they didn't have to feel guilty about selling to family and friends. When neighbours and family started to ask where they would be able to get the jars once the fundraiser was finished (and the nicest compliment of all, "Can I have the recipe"), she realized that a dream of helping other groups with their fundraising idea could become a reality and... The Mixing Spoon was born.

I have relocated The Mixing Spoon to Calgary in order to continue the work that Deb started. I look forward to working with Deb's past customers again this year and hope to bring many more new groups in to enjoy my products.

Stacey Doney

Our Mission: To provide a unique fundraising opportunity for youth, community and service groups.

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